Angelo Grasso is open inside the Bucharest National Theatre. Entrance is from Tudor Arghezi Street, right next to the actors’ entrance.
Public transportation:
M2. University Square Station
No: 137. 336. 601. 381. University Square Station
No: 61. 66. 69. 70. 85. 90. 91. 92. National Theater Station
No 783: University Square Station

+4 0739 955 555

Teatrul Național București
Intrarea se face din strada Tudor Arghezi 12-16 – lângă intrarea actorilor

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Welcome to the restaurant where you will taste the irresistible food which has put Bella Italia on the world map of gastronomy. It is located at the very center of Bucharest, at the first milestone of culture and city life, inside the National Theatre. We offer you all the ingredients for a cheerful evening with you friends or, why not, a romantic date with your significant other.

Welcome to Angelo Grasso!

Fresh ingredients


Italians know good food. They know it because the ingredients they use are fresh, flavored, kissed by the sea and by the Sunset.

Traditional Italian cuisine follows the Mediterranean Sea and focuses on simple, wholesome ingredients. That is why it is one of the healthiest cuisines in the World.

Let’s sing together: Parmigiano Reggiano, Mozzarella, Balsamico di Modena, Prosciutto, Bresaola, di Valtellina, Carciofi, Capperi, Aglio, basilico e altre erbe …


Da Giovanni

At the end of the 80’s from the heart of ancient Rome arrives in the Cremonese lands the recipe of a fantastic pizza, taken over in the early 2000s by pizzaiolo Giovanni and improved during another 20 years of experience and study…

Da Giovanni pizza features: 

  • dough matured at least 24/48 hours
  • extremely thin and of extraordinary digestibility (maximum 45/50 minutes)
  • all products in its component are imported directly from Italy
  • exclusive Italian wheat flour from northern Italy from a family mill with a past of over 200 years of tradition
  • flour with organoleptic characteristics and a high percentage of vegetable protein – 14-14.5%
  • Italian mozzarella
  • and all the food products used, only from established collaborators from the Italian territory
  • unique taste and different from other products on the consumer market due to the complete bouquet of food combinations with an authentic Italian taste
  • pizzas characterized by the crunchiness of a real “Romanian squash”


In order to make a reservation, please call +4 0739 955 555 or send an e-mail to